by Francisca Borquez

3B project’s research presented at Sunbelt 2022 

VOSON Lab researchers and affiliates presented 3B project-related research at the XLII Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) #Sunbelt2022, which took place on July 12-16, 2022, in Cairns, Australia. 

Prof Robert Ackland presented ‘Threaded Conversation Networks and Political Deliberation on Twitter During the First 2020 US Presidential Election Debate’, joint work with Ole Pütz; Bryan Gertzel; Indra Bock; Felix Gumbert; Florian Muhle and Matthias Orlikowski. The presentation focused on the results of a large-scale Twitter data collection, and on approaches used to identify discussion and deliberation on twitter conversations.  

A/Prof Mathieu O’Neil presented ‘Network-based Heuristics for Identifying Echo Chambers in Political Discussion on Twitter’, joint work with Robert Ackland and Timothy Graham. 

PhD student Bryan Gertzel presented the poster ‘The Role and Impact of Social Bots in Political Conversation Networks on Twitter’, introducing a case study that explores the structures of conversation networks, specifically quote tweets of a Bot, on Twitter.